Foaming body and hair gel 500ML

Foaming body and hair gel 500ML

SKU: MA#4082#GEL

- SOOTHING HYDRATION - Luxuriously light formula, gently relieves dry, chapped skin of the baby for the pleasure of a quiet bath time.
- POWERFUL CLEANING ACTION - Body milk washes away dirt, germs and impurities while retaining natural and healthy oils from young skin
- PROTECTION WITHOUT TEARING - The light foam will not irritate the delicate skin or eyes; Use daily all around the face and body for long-lasting moisture.
- SOFT, SOFT HEALING - Repairing soap relieves inflammation and nourishes dryness; Safe for African American and sensitive skin types
- ALL NATURAL ELEMENTS - Chemical-free formula contains vitamins and minerals based on plants from the land and the sea.

  • Ingrédients:

    Aqua, laureth sulfate de sodium, cocamidopropyl bétaïne, PEG-4 colza, huile de ricin hydrogénée PEG-40, propylène glycol, panthénol, chlorure de sodium, butéth-3, benzotriazolyl butylphénol sulfonate de sodium, hydroxyde de sodium, citrate de tributyle, chlorphénésine, méthylisothiazolinone, parfum

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