Kit Duo Premium Plus - Lightening Cream 100 ML Day Night & Serum 30 ML.

Kit Duo Premium Plus - Lightening Cream 100 ML Day Night & Serum 30 ML.

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- 2-IN-1 LIGHTENING & TONING TREATMENTS - Végéclairine-based lightening system targets areas of discoloration and guarantees rapid and uniform results.
-LIGHTENING DAY / NIGHT CREAM - Regenerating cream for the face and body deeply hydrates and brightens areas of discoloration.
- SUBLIMATOR REGULATING SERUM - Localized corrective gel optimizes the lightening action and brightens the complexion.
- SPECIALIZED CARE - Mix 20 to 60 drops of Regulating Serum with the Lightening Day / Night Cream to boost its performance. Recommended for black skin and normal to dry skin.
-Product not tested on animals - Does not contain Hydroquinone. Composition based on vitamins and minerals of plant and marine origin.



    Redefine the meaning of classic beauty. For years, women of color have been looking for high-end skincare products designed exclusively for their own concerns. With the Classic collection by Makari, everyone can get the clear and radiant complexion they have always dreamed of. Specially formulated for dry to normal skin, our Duopack Premium + incorporates two powerful toning treatments enriched with Vegeclairine, an active whitening agent derived naturally. Simply add 20 to 60 drops of enhancing and regulating serum to the lightening cream day / night to intensify its impact. The ultra-hydrating face cream nourishes dry, dull skin while fighting the signs of aging and environmental damage. When used alone, the serum is also ideal for targeting dark spots and persistent scars. Use the system in synergy with the full range of Classic Makari products to achieve your ideal beautiful shade! What you get 1 x Classic Duopack Premium + from Makari A safe alternative to whitening products that are harmful to the skin, heal and soften

    Specifications & Details

    Lightening day / night cream: 3.38 fluid ounces Enhancing and regulating serum: 1.01 fluid ounces

    How to profit

    Combine 20 to 60 drops of serum with cream Apply to clean skin and massage gently in circular motions. Repeat 1-2 times daily for optimal moisturizing and lightening results

  • Ingrédients:

    - Sérum Regulateur 

    Glycérine, Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Butylène Glycol, Propylène Glycol, Extrait de racine de Morus Alba, Copolymère Acryloyldiméthyltaurate d'ammonium / VP, Gomme de xanthane, Chlorphénésine, Méthylisothiazolinone, Diazolidinyl Urea, Acide Benzoïque, Parfum.INCI.

    - Crème éclaircissante  jour et nuit 

    Aqua, cocoglycérides, glycérine, myristate d'isopropyle, triéthylhexanoïne, propylène glycol, stéarate de glycéryle, stéarate de PEG-100, butylène glycol, acrylate d'hydroxyéthyle / copolymère de taurate d'acryloyldiméthyle de sodium, niacine, acide octadécènedioïque 16 / PPG / PEG 16 / PEG -1616 Diméthicone, Polyacrylamide, Extrait de racine de Morus Alba, Acide stéarique, Acétate de tocophéryle, Phosphate d'ascorbyle de sodium, Isoparaffine C13-14, Extrait de racine de glycyrrhiza glabra, Acide palmitique, Triglycéride caprylique / caprique, Allantoïne, Laureth-7, Bisabol ED Chlorphénésine, acide benzoïque, diazolidinyl urée, méthylisothiazolinone, parfum. INCl.