Brightening anti-aging and exfoliating soap based on Carrot Oil 200 GR

Brightening anti-aging and exfoliating soap based on Carrot Oil 200 GR


- EXTREME LIGHTENING CARE - Cleansing care gradually fades dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and melasma.
- DISINFORCING ACTION - Use daily on the face and body to dislodge impurities and reveal a unified and radiant complexion.
- HIGH PROTECTION CARE - Carrot oil rich in antioxidants protect the skin against the environment and the harmful effects of the sun's rays.
- ANTI-AGING CARE - Regenerating multi-vitamins target fine lines and wrinkles, imperfections and dark spots and make the skin soft and silky.
-Product not tested on animals - Does not contain Hydroquinone. Composition based on glycerin and vitamins of vegetable and marine origin.


    Your luxury skincare range

    The Naturalle collection by Makari allows you to obtain a healthy, clear and radiant complexion. Formulated for dry to normal skin, our Carotonic Extreme Lightening Soap based on regenerating Carrot oil and a bouquet of multi-vitamins is lightening and illuminating. Use while bathing or showering. Lather the exfoliating soap on the skin for a unified, youthful complexion. Soap softens the skin and protects it from the effects of aging, the sun and the environment.

    Complement your beauty ritual with the full range of Makari Naturalle lightening products to obtain your ideal complexion.

    Practical information:

    7oz. Carotonic Extreme Lightening Soap by Makari.
    Safe and healthy alternative to hazardous bleaching products
    Contains vitamins and minerals that blend, heal and protect the skin
    Luxurious soap specially formulated for the beauty of black skin.

    Carotonic Extreme Lightening Soap 7oz. (200gr)
    Does not contain Hydroquinone
    Does not contain chemicals or bleaches
    Not tested on animals.
    Mild soap recommended for daily use.
    Directions for use:

    Lather the soap and apply to the body and face, avoiding contact with the eyes. Leave to act for 1 minute and tighten the pores by rinsing with cold water. Repeat the application up to 2x per day, depending on the sensitivity of your skin, for a complexion without spots, blemishes and wrinkles.

    Enhance your skin in less than 2 weeks.

  • Ingrédients:

    Palmate de sodium, cocoate de sodium, Aqua (eau), glycérine, extrait de racine de mûrier (Morus Alba), hydroxyde de sodium, dioxyde de titane (micronisé) 'T-lite', oxyde de zinc micronisé Z-Cote, parfum (parfum), carotte Huile, extrait de graine de Prunus Armeniaca (abricot), palmitate d'ascorbyle (vitamine C), acétate de tocophérol (vitamine E), EDTA tétrasodique, BHT, FD&C jaune # 5, FD & C orange # 4