Soothing Calendula bath soap, cleanser for children165GR

Soothing Calendula bath soap, cleanser for children165GR


- SOOTHING HYDRATION - relieves baby's dry skin for the pleasure of a quiet bath time.
- CLEANING ACTION - Body milk washes away dirt, germs and impurities while retaining natural and healthy oils from young skin
- PROTECTION WITHOUT TEARING - The light foam will not irritate the delicate skin or eyes; Use daily all around the face and body for long-lasting moisture.
- SOFT, SOFT HEALING - Repairing soap relieves inflammation and nourishes dryness; Safe for African American and sensitive skin types
- ALL NATURAL ELEMENTS - Chemical-free formula contains vitamins and minerals based on plants from the land and the sea.


    Baby Soap Bar by Makari
    A safe and gentle cleanser for sensitive baby skin
    Powerful moisture that softens and heals
    A luxury soap specially designed for various children!
    No chemicals or bleaches
    gentle enough for daily use

    Lather well with hot water
    Massage on baby's face and skin
    Use as a daily cleanser, making sure to avoid the eye area
    See the skin of the little ones soft, smooth and supple

  • Ingrédients:

    La formule zéro larmes contient du beurre de karité et un mélange d'huiles essentielles qui hydratent, nourrissent et apaisent tout en adoucissant la peau de bébé.  

    Remarque: les produits pour bébés Makari sont 100% sans paraben et ne contiennent pas d'ingrédients éclairants ou éclaircissants.